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Being in a world full of diversity, We are aiming to aid in the communication of non-English proficient individuals on all necessary platforms.

Our language services will help you provide accurate and complete communication with your patients or clients when a language barrier is present.

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Liberty Translations & Interpreters, LLC

"A voice for all."

Liberty Translations & Interpreters, LLC (LTI) –established in 2019, is language service provider headquartered in Utica NY, with a branch in Syracuse NY. We provide trained and highly skilled Interpreters and Translators in Legal, Medical, Social Service, Educational, and Business platforms. We provide professional interpreting and translation services to facilitate reliable, accurate, and complete communication. Our goal is to empower interaction and communication growth.

 LTI is available 24/7 for your Interpreting needs.

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Professional Language Services

Services We Provide

Providing more than 300 languages available on-demand. Simply call and request your access code today, —  24/7 telephonic service provided that will exceed your expectations.

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Interpreting is facilitating communication between two or more people who use different languages, being either spoken or signed.

Expert  trained interpreters are available in over 45 languages for on site interpreting. Fields covered are Medical, Legal, Social services, and more. Do you need Interpreting services fast? We can have a trained interpreter at your requested location within 24 hours of your request.

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